Is mobile shredding more secure than plant-based shredding operations?

A NAID AAA Certified plant-based shredding operation is secure.  They should have limited access, logs, background checks, security cameras, etc which is required for certification.

However, there are two things to consider when comparing plant-based and truck-based shredding operations.

  1. Under the NAID AAA guidelines a plant-based facility has three business days to destroy any information bearing media that they bring into their facility.  Fifteen business days if it is a large purge of material.  Immediately you ask yourself how much is considered a large amount of destruction material and this point can be a very subjective.
  2. We as humans are a very naturally curious animal.  There’s nothing wrong with being curious, that’s how we learn and gain information about the world around us.  We simply cannot resist the urge to look at and examine stuff.  Combine this with picture taking cell phones and social media posting and you have to wonder how secure something might be while sitting around for as long at three weeks in a warehouse/facility waiting to be destroyed.

The mobile-based shredding we do at Central Texas Shredding takes place immediately and can be witnessed by the person at your organization who is responsible for information security and compliance.

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