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Central Texas Shredding Inc. is a locally-owned and operated small business located in Austin, Texas. Formed in the Summer of 2018 by Tim Henning. Tim has spent his entire working career (36 years) doing data destruction of some sort or another. Although back then it was not called data destruction. It was called tape certification. A process in which a computer backup tape is tested by overwriting the data currently on the tape. The certification process also destroyed any previous data that may have been on the tape. However, things like identity theft, security breaches and data protection regulations were not present.

After attending The University of Texas for a few years, Tim moved away from Austin to Dallas to start a 24-year long career as an electronics technician with a company called Media Recovery. Media Recovery recycled/re-certified computer tape and printer ribbons. During that time, Tim worked his way up to management and quality control position. This is where he learned the importance of customer satisfaction and that the success of a business can be greatly influenced by your ability to provide a quality service, or product, at a fair price. The customer is the final arbitrator when it comes to value and quality.

In 2006 Tim moved away from Dallas to Omaha and partnered with two all-star sales people to start a new company called Infinity Data Solutions. Infinity Data solutions also did tape certification but with a focus on data security. By this time, some of the data security regulations were taking effect and data center management were becoming increasingly more reluctant to release media into the recycling stream. Tim and his partners were pioneers in the secure compliant data destruction process. Infinity Data Solutions was one of the first Information Technology Asset Disposition companies to offer audits, final disposition authorization forms and certificates of destruction. This along with Tim’s attention to detail and high-quality standards led to IDS becoming very successful and eventually being sold in 2015.

When Infinity Data Solutions was purchased by World Data Products in Oct 2015, Tim agreed to become an employee of WDPI and in 2016 Tim and family moved to Minneapolis. However, as the years passed, the lure of returning to the entrepreneurial world and to warmer weather became too much to resist, so in the Summer of 2018 a dream called Central Texas Shredding based in Austin Texas became a reality.

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